Sorry Kabam, not buying it..

The defensive AI and endless special baiting problem is 100% fixable.

You can clearly adjust aggressiveness, and your explanation of AI acting based off chance and an option of different actions it can take in that moment doesn't really hold up. When was the last time a champ help an sp3 for 45+ seconds? Never. I've had defenders hold sp1 forever, then push them to sp2 and they hold forever, then frustratingly push to sp3 and they instantly throw it. Especially with power gain champs.

It's clearly an adjustable action, and it's clearly adjusted to be that way. I know people who have left the game because the AI has made to the main feature of the game unenjoyable. It makes champs who rely on aggressive gameplay, and have stressfully short windows on their abilities unusable. It's really hurting the game, and I hope you change it.


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    GalactikDonutGalactikDonut Posts: 347 ★★★
    i had several fights in the necropolis where they held a sp3 for while
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