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Necropolis Jubilee and Odin / Strye and Mantis paths

I could use some advice for my last two runs on necropolis. Already did the left section with Titania, Mr. Fantastic and Sauron, also the path with Red Goblin and Elsa Bloodstone. Aegon R5 ascended did most of the work with his helpers Proxima, Wiccan, Heimdall and Doom/Stryfe/NF/Shuri depending on the path

So for the last two paths i am trying to figure out which path combination is better and also if there are any roadblocks using Aegon.

I am leaning towards combining Jubilee and Stryfe paths.
Team would be
Wiccan R4 sig40 (can you recommend him for Galan?)
Void R4 sig200 (for Diablo)
Gamora 7* could make her R3 mainly for the trap node on the second part with the untouchable

for Silver Centurion i used r5 sig200 ascend Doom the other run, but i guess i have to brute force him with aegon this time

Which counters did you bring for Diablo and Galan? Any other team advice?

Did you do the same path combinations or did you go Jubilee/Mantis?

Thanks in advance, i hope i can finish the last two runs this week


  • AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 5,260 ★★★★★
    Silver centurion is easy with Aegon. I had a run that took off around 50%
  • Soyheyor123Soyheyor123 Posts: 395 ★★
    I did that path yesterday, it was easier and more fun than expected.
    I used 7r1 Wiccan for galan and he did a decent job, even without the relic that I forgot
    Against Diablo I used torch.

    Champs I used:
    Aegon 6r5 sig200, Torch 6r4 sig 40, Fury 6r4 sig?, Wiccan 7r1 sig40 and Proxima

    Jubilee - Aegon
    Ibom - Aegon
    Diablo - Torch
    Squirrel Girl, Silver Centurion, S99, Sunspot - Aegon

    Stryfe - Fury, Aegon, Torch (Fury did the most damage, but it took 2 fights of almost 5 minutes)
    Spot - Aegon
    Galan - Wiccan
    Sandman - Aegon
    Spidey - Whole Team. 2 Team Revives
    Knull - Aegon
    Shocker - Aegon
  • PrentexPrentex Posts: 270
    Congrats mate, I did this path yesterday too

    Aegon 6r5 sig200, void 6r4 sig 200, gamora, 7r3 unawakened, heimdall, wiccan 6r4 sig 40

    Jubilee and Ibom - Aegon ramp up
    Diablo - Void oneshot, heal reversal at its finest
    Stryfe - Gamora was awesome for this, just have to make sure to get to 8 buffs asap, don't forget to refresh them
    Spot - Aegon
    Galan - i used Wiccan too but i don't really know how to play him, so i just brute forced with aegon and quit when he startet to regen
    Sandman - Aegon
    Spidey Supreme - Gamora with 8 buffs, worked really well
    Knull - Aegon
    Shocker - Aegon

    Will do the last path today (Odin and Mantis)

    I think there are no fights aegon can't do, so the team will be
    Odin (prefights for Aegon)
  • Vegeta9001Vegeta9001 Posts: 1,037 ★★★★
    I didn't bring anyone for diablo so I just had to use 7 revives with Aegon and keep spamming 9 fury combos until he eventually launched a special and started regenning or I died.

    Don't be like me.
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