Simple things kabam can do to make bad champions viable

These are just my opinions.
I'm going to start with tech and mutant ( I'm worried it might be too long if I put all six classes)


Iron patriot : Each hit on his SP drains opponents power by 25%. If Sp2 drains opponents power until it reaches 0, opponents are inflicted with a stun that lasts for 5 secs.

Iron man : Arc overload triggers at 30% health and a new sp2. There are two strikes. First is a repulsor blast which places armor break and the second is a unibeam strike.

War machine : (Sig ability) Empty the clip stacks are reduced to 6 each and has % to trigger on every sp.

Hulk buster : Remove iron rage or move it to passive and replace it with veronica/ self repair. ( make something out of that, I'm not very creative :( ).

Vision AOU : Opponents suffer power lock for X secs everytime their power meter drops to 0 ( doesn't count at the start of the fight).

Green goblin ( maybe) : Sp1 has 100% chance to power drain.


Colossus : Armor ups increases attack rating( for normal attacks, not specials)

Old man logan : Strength of regen is tied to power meter and gains a pacifism charge every ten hits.

Beast : Freestyle mode increases attack rating and bleed potency while acrobatic mode increase Armor( and if u want to, a chance to evade).

That's all for now. Feel free to leave your opinions down below :).


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    VantablackVantablack Posts: 51
    Whoops. I forgotten gambit ( that's how good he is).

    Gambit : ( sig ability) prowess increases basic attack damage and crit damage as well and lasts X secs longer.
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    GreenstrokeGreenstroke Posts: 291
    edited December 2017
    I dont think that Vision (aou) needs power lock, however i came up with an idea.
    OG Vision: while above 50% health he syntesizes power and while below 50% he syntesizes health, since he can regen.
    AOU Vision: every hit received has a 3% chance to miss( cause he can alter his density as seen in the movies) this chance increases by a flat 1% for every 20sec up to 10% (excludes special attacks)
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