LF solid active players in all areas of the game

Looking for active players in:
War - expectation is to get in early, 6* R2+ champs on defence, read nodes, complete a lane from start to finish
AQ - expectation is to complete a path in all 3 sections 4/4 days. We do map 5 for now, may move to map 6 in near future
BGs - expectation is to participate. No minimum requirement, meaning you won’t be kicked if you don’t hit a quota but pls try for 100k+/season.

Solid group, fairly casual but we do want to cut out some dead weight and bring in guys that put in the effort without needing to be babysat.

Gold 2 currently, but could easily get to gold 1 plat 3 quickly with the right replacements.

Add me on line if you’re interested and we will go from there.

Line ID: captainmaim
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