We are aware of an issue impacting some Summoners, resulting in the loss of their stash of SQ entry keys.
The team will be redistributing lost keys.
Timeline is uncertain.
(Slightly) More information here.

New 7 stars!

You can check them out by going to unowned 7 stars on the champ menu


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  • PandingoPandingo Posts: 514 ★★★
    Pro tip. Update your game first hahahaha
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 2,206 ★★★★
    Very excited for Diablo he was my vote in the twitter (X) poll
  • RiderofHellRiderofHell Posts: 4,345 ★★★★★
    MoonDragon.Prof x.Adam.Diablo are gonna be in the special banquet crystal that will be given lol.
  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 1,705 ★★★
    Kang + Apocalypse!!
  • PT_99PT_99 Posts: 1,474 ★★★★
    Seeing 7* onslaught now makes me less hyped for 6* and won't save up for featured
    Will continue to waste shards on dual crystals to pull Aegon and fail.
  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 1,705 ★★★
    Are these 7* being released in December???
  • StoneWhale2055StoneWhale2055 Posts: 16
    edited December 2023
    doctorb said:

    Are these 7* being released in December???

    Adam, Shocker, Prof X, Moondragon, Sandman and Diablo are all in a Crystal that can drop from Banquet Crystals (and milestones)

    Onslaught and D Guillotine are new champs

    Kang and Thanos are Banquet ranked rewards
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