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Nothing lucky -fed up

I am playing this game for almost 2 years! I have been to strong alliance, so i opened a lot of map 5 crystal! I can't understand why I didn't get some any catalyst tier 4!
I finished act 4 100% and the game gived me 3 tech! My only tech is iron man and rocket!

My 5* are very bad, my last one I opened iron fist! My only good heros is wolverine, thor ( but is not like it was), Dr strange ( Is nothing that it was)!

So where is the balance in this?


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    I feel your pain, ive been playing for 2 years and i have no luck at all!! New players dont understand. Kabam needs to throw the older players more gifts.
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    Itay1234212Itay1234212 Posts: 62
    sorry but i dont to understand it, 2 yers and that it? dr.s thor and wolve
    either u dont do arena or u arent in strong allince, u are crying abut t4cc, but your best champ are **** (not that bad wolve good thor was good) for 5* i can understand but if u are playing for 2 years u need to have roster of about 20-30 4* so just play more, do arena, get 4* every 3-4 days and thats it
    kaban can help u with that but u can help yourself
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