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95Mil alliance. 300-350 mil AQ, g1/G2 AW, looking for 3

95Mil alliance. 300-350 mil AQ, g1/G2 AW, looking for 3 with 13k+ pi, 3Mil+ Total Roster rating

Looking for 3 with a solid roster that includes several 6r3+ champs so you can contribute in AW and AQ concurrently and provide useful defenders. You're at least Thronebreaker, preferably Paragon. You play daily and can log in to use energy in AQ and AW regularly. And you can hold a conversation. You like hiking and dogs and have kind eyes and a generous natur.... Err... Wait, wrong website.

Ok, you need most of that stuff. We are the Nerd Brigade and we try to bring in people who will be friends, not just a set of pixels adding points to events. We have an active chat server, and good communication is 2nd only to meeting minimums as far as what we expect from members. And we treat people with respect. In the entire 6+ years of our history I can count on 1 hand the number of people we’ve kicked without ample warning. Sometimes life gets busy.

We encourage no item use in AW. We operate around T5 through T7 most often so the nodes aren’t difficult for our level of rosters and it’s a much more chill experience. And of course we also demand all members have a 6r4 sig 200 Cyclops to aid in AW dominance. Lots of people use him very effectively in AW you know...

In AQ we hit the 300 to 350 million mark each week. We actually run a pretty laid back AQ map set but still score over 300mil each week because we largely have deep rosters and high PIs giving us a higher than normal AQ score for the maps we run. You're welcome to choose map 5, 6, or 7. If you like map 6, but can't always commit, you can move in and out of BGs as life's demands change for you. Is it your week to shovel the extra sticky **** at work and your significant other is being clingy? No problem, BG3 for you! Said significant other took the kids to their mom's for the week and you're living that sweet, sweet single lifestyle bingeing C-list Netflix shows and microwaving every meal? BG1 it is!

Communication: We use Discord for chat, it is a requirement. Let the group know when the next section is open if you kill the miniboss. Post in the "Unable to Play" channel if you'll be unable to move in AQ for half a day or more so we can make BG changes if needed. Post all your badass crystal openings so we can have revels. Everyone likes revels.

We stopped event minimum requirements long ago because we’re active enough that we get top milestones no matter what, so no worrying about having to grind EQ at the end of the month or pop crystals you don’t need right now.

We have members who have been here for 5+ years. It's a good group of people. We tend to keep ex-members in Discord chat because whatever may cause a player to need to move on, we appreciate the relationships we build here and the camaraderie that comes from shared goals. If this sounds good, reach out on Discord or in game.

In game name: rjaf08 - or preferably use rjaf08 to contact on Discord.

In game name: Gardosh - or preferably use Gardosh to contact on Discord.


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