Black Lotus is Recruiting

Black Lotus is a 3 week old alliance that is currently undefeated in 6 wars and has an average member rating of 19,500. We are filled with active players that are looking to have fun and grow as a team.

Black Lotus is led by in game name _Trotster_. Trotster has 4 years of experience in leading alliances / guilds / crews over a number of games. We understand to keep the game fun and enjoyable by surrounding everyone with like minded players. Trotster only keeps daily active players that want to compete and grow.

If you are tired of being in an alliance that is going nowhere, Black Lotus may be the right fit for you.

We are looking for players level 25+ with a total hero rating of 20,000+ that log in and play daily.

Search for _Trotster_ and send a message to join today!!!


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