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GBC Balancing For Progressed Players

Wish there was a Paragon or TB Banquet Crystal for 300 units, that have rewards suitable for TB/Paragon+ players. Cause Conquerors-Valiants are getting the same rewards from GBCs. Conquerors are getting far more value per unit spent than Paragons/Valiants (those who have been players of the game for so long). Makes no sense. Unless there are progression based discounts for GBCs, that would balance it out far better. Like for Conquer and Uncollected they're 300 units for each GBC, then for Cav they're 250 each, then for TB they're 200 each, Paragon 150 each, Valiant 100 each. Or something alone those lines. Because seriously, Paragon+ players don't have much use for T2A or T5B cats, at least nothing worth 300 units. Me and my alliance have many TB/Paragon players (myself included) we've been saving for Banquet for a little while now, and the rewards seem so nerfed in value per unit compared to last year.


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    DrZolaDrZola Posts: 8,789 ★★★★★
    Only saving grace is that T2a and T5b can now be sold for frags. So…we got that going for us, even if it’s like getting socks and underwear under the tree Christmas morning.

    Dr. Zola
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