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Necropolis Valkyrie Fight

When I did my Necropolis completion run when it was first released, I had a hard time figuring out what my team should be since I didn’t get Aegon till afterwards. The MVP of my team was Knull. He countered many of the nodes, and once he placed 99 living abyss debuffs, the damage he did was insane. The fight I had the most fun with was Valkyrie. Because of the node allowing you to increase her combo meter by striking into her block, it let me inflict Knull’s indefinite darkness passives on her, which is something you almost never have the opportunity to use as an attacker. Preventing her from gaining power completely and not using her specials, which can make it a very difficult fight, and not having to dodge any specials made it the easiest fight of my run.


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    PolygonPolygon Posts: 3,943 ★★★★★
    Since you got Aegon after already doing a run will you be rank 5ing and/or ascending him?
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    AidenTheWiseAidenTheWise Posts: 311 ★★
    Haha that’s awesome you’re a genius for thinking of that. I just completed my first necro run with Aegon. Valk fight was cool because I learned you can’t do the big mega damage with Aegon unstoppable since she counters it with pierce. My favorite fight by far was the Cap Britain since the whole fight you’re basically reverse controlled which was just different and fun.
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    Doom41326Doom41326 Posts: 7
    Polygon said:

    Since you got Aegon after already doing a run will you be rank 5ing and/or ascending him?

    I have. I got a skill 6* R4-5 gem from exploring Act 8.3, so now I have Aegon as a 6*, R5, sig 200, ascended champ, and I’m waiting before doing my other runs for exploration.

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