5.5M allince looking for active players!

Hi! I'm an officer of our alliance [J2002] The Champions League. Looking for active players.
My username in game is Rheumato.
Our alliance rating is 5.5M and still growing.
We're pretty friendly adult alliance, understanding that real life happens, things coming up for family, jobs.. etc.
Here is something about us.
1.We are like friends and family. Be polite and respectful.
2.Communication is a must. We use Whatsapp to communicate and share things like mastery setup, prediction cutoff in arena...etc.
3.Your level must be at least 50, hero rating at least 80K.
4.12K at least for defense in AW. No 3* in AQ&AW.
5.Donation requirement weekly = 50K gold/9.5K battleship/5.5K loyalty.
6.3xMap5 & 2xMap4 when we're ready.
7.SA weekly until we hit the mark, then hold all Crystals,lvl up,rank up for next SA cycle.
8.When you join AQ/AW, please make sure you are logging in often. Locking the path will make the others frustrated. Your move will be helpful even you're K.O.
9.We do the alliance events : Duel skirmish,3-day Completion event and Item use.
10.We hold Arena boost crystals for "Item use" event, so they don't expire.
See ya in Game!
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