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Pick One from the 5-star Rare Champion Selector

Just bought 3 GBCs and popped them open and I got a 5-star Rare Champion selector with a bunch of champs. Which one do you think is the most useful?

(I'm tempted to choose between Wolverine Weapon X and Jessica, Others are simple boring or trash.)

Pick One from the 5-star Rare Champion Selector 24 votes

OG Vision
Kang (I'm not gonna go for him)
Webby72LpootailorResternboy32King1027CrisTopo 6 votes
Thanos (nope)
captain_rogers 1 vote
Wolverine (Weapon X)
KOSLORDAJ007SteveRogers47kingjphilipLo67KiJerichoharris 6 votes
Jessica Jones
ege999menPriyansh7FutureDragonssxlbstverliebt_Sham_Annihilator13_jcphillips7THE_COLLECT0R13579rebel_JustAGuyMetroMuffin 11 votes


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    Webby72Webby72 Posts: 254 ★★
    Kang (I'm not gonna go for him)
    You should pick weapon x or Jessica jones imo. But I’m all seriousness kang is incredibly underrated. I took a r5 into necro and took 6 fights with 1 revive each, such an incredibly underrated champion.
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