To fully participate in the upcoming Banquet's Alliance Event you will need to be in your alliance for 14 days prior to the event's start date on December 20th. That means, stay in your alliance from December 6th onwards to enjoy all there is to offer in the Banquet event.
**Not Another Anime Reference Solo Event Returning**
This solo event has been fixed and will appear in game again on December 10th and will run through the 17th.
Reminder: This event is available to Paragon+ Summoners

Kabam what is going on with Android?

I am a mid level player and im beginning to enter pieces of content where fight go on for an extended period of time. At the moment i am about to 100% Act 4, ive entered RTL 4.1 and i have started the beginning quests in Act 5. while drudging through fight after fight of 4.4 i do not find myself lagging, dropping frames, or even so much as missing a parry. My problem begins when i enter a fight with an opponent with 12K+ Pi and i get to around a 30 hit combo, my game freaks out completely. the fight becomes near impossible because evading is a risk, parrying a hit can and does not happen. at times it is so bad i can barely make sense of what is going on on the screen.

You guys have heard this complaint thousands of times by now im sure, but i feel as though i need to switch to an Apple device just to play late game content. my phone is not old by reasonable standers i have an LG K20. My phone runs your other game Transformers: Forged to Fight perfectly and that game has much more demanding graphics. my question is, are you capping off end game content to Android users? Do you have a deal with Apple or what? because there is no reason i should be able to play 35 fights in a row and then go into late game content and hit a processing power wall! just optimize your game already!
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