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Combos stop with a retreat of hero on the left


I usually play the game with one finger on the left side of the screen and two on the right side of the screen.
The one on the left is for retreat + block and the ones on the right usually help me to attack hitting twice more than with one finger.
Some heroes will sometimes stop the attack combos and simply make a step / swipe left... taking a retreat in a middle of an attack.
So basically the use of two fingers on the right of the screen hitting quickly the screen will trigger at some point a retreat instead of another hit. This happens with Thor, X23, Red Hulk... and most likely with other heroes (at this moment they are the first ones that come to my mind). There are chances that this is not a bug, since the device will capture two finger hits - with some small distance between them. The problem is that this happens once in 3-4 combos. So to me the retreat is not "natural". If this wouldn't be a bug would happen often. I do hope that the small description above will help you detect the problem (if any).

Thank you in advance,
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