Important Holiday Gift Note

Wicket329Wicket329 Posts: 3,119 ★★★★★
It looks like you don’t have to claim the holiday gift for 30 days. So if you, like me, are working towards Necropolis exploration for Valiant or if you’re on the brink of another title, it may be worth it to you not to claim the gift immediately.

Good luck with your openings, and happy holidays everybody!


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    Jazz_MessengerJazz_Messenger Posts: 154
    Good point. I didn’t think about that! If I had this information, I might have waited. But there is no guarantee that I will complete exploration in 30 days. So it may not matter for me. Also having a new champ early is not a bad idea as that could impact rank up decision, plan for Necropolis (7* Shuri, for example), etc. Additional 7500 shards are nice, though. Either way, it’s too late for me.
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    arifin74arifin74 Posts: 106
    Ah, didn't know that. 7.5k shard would help me to get my 3rd 7*
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    AshacekarAshacekar Posts: 1,822 ★★★★
    edited December 2023
    Wicket329 said:

    Ashacekar said:

    Not worth it, completing Necro just for 7.5k more 7* shards isn't worth the wait. Necro rewards themselves would make up for it.

    I'm not telling anybody how they should do it, just pointing it out for people so they have all the information for their decisions. If I had enough shards for 7500 to give me an opening, I'd probably take it. But since I don't right now, I might as well wait.
    Neither am i telling anybody how they should do it and your info is appreciated so no counter reply was needed, i m just sharing opinion for slight difference in reward for the wait and effort. You are always welcome to get valiant for the added rewards.
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