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It's an actual joke how pay to win this mode is, I have done everything the game offers including 100% necro and my deck is not a scratch on 90% of the people I'm facing (vib3) it takes skill away from the mode imo purely because of Jacked rosters


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    Chuck_FinleyChuck_Finley Posts: 960 ★★★★★
    I am fine with going up against big rosters, I win some occasionally and they fund the game. But the mode hasn’t been the same since they added vib levels and relegated the 2 win/1 loss pattern to the lowest levels. You can win two hard fought matches, draw two elite accounts in the next two matches that have a counter for everything…. And you just wasted 45 minutes of your life.
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    AlmccarthyAlmccarthy Posts: 103
    I get it man it's just so frustrating when your coming up against 8 7*2s plus the r3s then the rest maxed 6*s. I've had so many fights where I've played perfectly but I just can't win in time
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