4800 Prestige Player looking for active Map 5x5 alliance.

Looking to jump ship from my old alliance, they havent kept pace, and i feel wasted here lol.

In game gamertag same as my user on here.



  • Jkh6Jkh6 Posts: 2
    Sent you a friend request in game. 10.8mil alliance looking for an active player. My tag in jkh6 same as here.
  • I'm a AQ map 5 player looking for a more competitive alliance also. Please contact me, as well, if you are recruiting any more players. Ill be happy to see if we match up. My line and game name is the same as here. Regards, Chad
  • We do 2 map 6 every two weeks, if you're ok with that send me your top champs on line please.
    Line id: masterofkimo
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