Give a guy a chance

I'm a lvl 37 summoner and have been playing pretty much solo for a couple months now. I've kind of plateaued on my own and am looking to join a chill alliance that can possibly help me along. I feel like I'm missing out on a whole other level of game play by not being in a decent alliance. I'm not asking for an alliance to babysit me, I'm just looking for a chance to learn a few things and help out where I'm needed. I am usually on most days, except when I have priority family and work commitments. If you're looking for a quick learner with a good sense of humor, I'm that guy. I'm not a gamble that will leave you stranded. An opportunity to be in a decent alliance will be rewarded with dedication and effort. Take the chance and the rewards will be better than that premium hero shard crystal that gives you the same 2* champion every other week...


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