Gold 3/AQ 655 (map 6 will be doing raids)

Currently we are gold 3/2, but could likely jump to gold1 or even plat with the right replacements.
Looking for normal adult players that aren’t going to cause drama and that don’t need babysitting to complete their paths in aq and war. I mean, for ****’s sake. Do any of you exist?
If you’re interested in raids, there’s an availability there but currently we are only doing one battlegroup for raids, so make sure you respond quickly as I only have 2 spots left for that.
Otherwise, feel free to say hi.
Welcome baskets are on the table to your left, and come with a puppy and chocolate chip cookies….

Upon further inspection, it seems the dog has eaten the cookies, so welcome baskets come with a puppy only….

Unfortunately it seems the dog has passed away due to the chocolate most likely… my apologies, however we’d still love to have you and you’re still welcome to take the empty basket.

Line ID: captainmaim
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