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Recently came back to the game, seeking advice

shield311shield311 Posts: 389 ★★
Can anyone pls help me with my roster, im super low on iso and i made a huge blunder by using primordial dust on my 4star stealth suit not knowing its rare and hard to find but im still struggling with my roster among my 4,5 and 6 stars, i am currently starting act 6 chapter 1, just finished act 5


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    shield311shield311 Posts: 389 ★★
    edited January 10
    I need help in what should be my main roster for act 6 and other quests and how to earn tier 1 primodrial dust.
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    Greed_ExodusGreed_Exodus Posts: 289 ★★★
    Watch YouTube stuff for advice, forums aren’t great for that
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    shield311shield311 Posts: 389 ★★

    Watch YouTube stuff for advice, forums aren’t great for that

    well i tried surfing what champions are good and what not and found a few results but was just hoping if i could get a more helpful advice on my teams and stuff but ill try thanks
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    LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,661 ★★★★★
    Honestly just play the game. They have accelerated progression and you won't be using 4*s or even 5*s for long. Play story until you hit a wall and then go back and explore earlier parts until you are ready to go on. Research mastery setups and save units for mastery cores.
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    Loki_Poki1280Loki_Poki1280 Posts: 477 ★★★
    Also make sure you log into the online webstore and claim the free Weekly Crystal.


    You just need your Kabam Login.
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    shield311shield311 Posts: 389 ★★

    From what you showed in your Roster, I recommend ranking/Leveling up your:

    • 6* Mister Negative (Good for Medium Fights)
    • 5* Guillotine 2099 (Good for Long Fights)
    • 5* Hit-Monkey (Good for Short-Medium Fights)
    • 5* Rintrah (Good V. Cosmics and Medium Fights)
    Make Sure you watch videos on how to use them. Remember to not judge a character upon using them a couple times, the more you use them, they more effectively you use their abilities and see their worth.

    I recommend joining a small alliance that does some Alliance Quest. If you have the time, join one that for sure does Alliance Quest on a Weekly Basis. Since you are beginning, I don't really recommend on focusing on Alliance War right now.

    If you are willing, join an alliance that uses an outside communication application such as line or discord. This will enhance your in game experience and you may even get some good tips there.

    Do Story Quests. They have good Rank Up material that gauges where you should be in the game if you are still completing that content.

    Do the Monthly Even Quests for the difficulty that fits you. Exploring these quests give rank up resources, units, and Crystal shards.

    Do the Monthly Side Event Quest. They don't tend to be hard and are often a quick way to get resources every month.

    Don't bother with Battlegrounds (Yet)

    Save your Loyalty. Don't spend it recklessly. By the time you get to doing Alliance War, this makes sure you can purchase health potions.

    Do Arena here and there. If you got the time, plug in some music and do some arena. It isn't the funnest part of the game but you can get some units here.

    Save the Battlechips you get from Arena. When your in a pinch and need units, Open some crystals and the chances are you will get some units.

    When you get to Uncollected etc. Don'ts spend your Battlechips on UC or TB arena Crystals, they aren't really the most "Safe" ways to get Units. Where there is more risk there is more reward, but you have to be willing to take that risk.

    Save your Units. Don't buy PHC's, Grandmaster HC. They suck and are not worth it.

    Don't Spend all of your Energy Refills at once. You may need them.

    Do the Apothecary every day before reset. You can get a Revive here. (It is located in the daily quests tab)

    Make sure you try to complete the 22 hr solo event. You can also get a revive here.

    Save your 4 Hr Crystals. You can open them when your in a pinch and need revives.

    If you have ISO expiring and you can't rank up any champions, Sell the ISO that is expiring. That's gold that could've been lost.

    Try Incursions sometime, it really helps with gold. and the Artifacts can get you champions you may be chasing.

    Do bits of the game at a time. Don't burn out yourself. It's a game after all.

    You'll find I said a lot about saving. and that's the thing, if you spend all your resources at once, when the time comes when you need those resources, you'll be playing catch up and be barely staying afloat. Makes the game experience frustrating.

    Good Luck :smile:
    thank you so much for your time, is there a easier way to find a good alliance(with external communication) or will i have to do some digging myself

    also thanks again for the help everyone...
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    Loki_Poki1280Loki_Poki1280 Posts: 477 ★★★
    U can ask here on the forums in the recruitment tab but yeah ur gonna have to do some digging

    Good luck 👍
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    SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 2,652 ★★★★★
    I'll try to give some varied advice from Loki, but that was also relatively comprehensive.
    1. Find a solid progressing alliance that has some higher-up players that can give you advice on a more continual basis. Plus, lots of alliance rewards.
    2. Figure out which events give the best rewards for the time that you put into them. Also, play the game modes you like. BGs has super solid rewards, you only really need 1/2 solid Incursions runs per month to max those rewards, EQ is okay (for specific subsections of progression), and side quests tend to be decent if they are simpler.
    3. The biggest thing that you should have on your goals list is some form of either long-form content (Eg. Eternity of Pain, Abyss completion, Grandmaster's Gauntlet, etc) or pushing through Act 6 to get Thronebreaker. You want to prioritize progression above most things until you reach a plateau, because many deals and stores in game get progressively better with progression standings.
    4. There are a ton of walkthroughs of Act 6 by path and quest, so I would focus on the big pain points there when thinking of ranking champs. You ideally want to push through Act 6 using a revive or two each quest if needed so that you can get TB and access Act 7. Acts 7 & 8 are far more fun and rewarding than Act 6, and tend to be less difficult/frustrating/restrictive.
    5. All your 6*s are bangers (personally), but Mr. Negative tends to have a harder learning curve to utilize him properly. Dragonman really rewards aggressive gameplay, has several imunities, power gain, and does really solid damage when in the opponent's corner. Spidey doesnt have much health, but has some really good utility and mega damage (plus isn't hard to learn). I know Mojo is ugly as heck, and his awakened ability is really nice, but he is still one of the best mystics against specific cosmic matchups or nodes that do not allow nullify (his benefit is that he just drastically reduces buff time and then punishes them after, plus healing).
    6. Out of your 5* champs, I would personally focus on Medusa and Guilly 2099 (if you can hold a combo). The beauty of playing someone like Guilly is that if you arent the best at keeping up a combo, she does have access to combo shields, and playing someone like her, Aegon, or Starlord really incentivizes you to learn to keep a combo better. Medusa is still a beast with damage, buffs/debuffs, simple to play, and shuts down most robots with ease.
    7. Don't invest in 4*s anymore unless you have a specific piece of content that you have no 5 or 6* counter for. You should even start focusing in on a smaller group of 5*s that will last you a long time since 6*s will become more and more available to you.
    8. Save your Level ups for the solo event, and try to always focus on the solo events as they will get you a revive and 25 units for reasonable effort.
    9. Don't spend units on anything other than revives or bundles (like the questing bundle or the ones after UC event quest) that have guaranteed good value. Not on energy refills, or crystals, or ranking up champs. You can 99.9% of the time just wait and get the resources/rewards (catalysts, iso, gold, etc), but when you are 20 revives in to the Grandmaster and have no revives left, you can't just farm any more from apothecary. You either have to sit bored in arenas for hours, or use your wisely saved units.
    10. **Only if you have enough free time and if it doesn't make you hate your life** the first few milestones in arenas tend to be worth it for the units/battlechips alone. I wouldn't commit much time unless you unexplicably love them, but an hour a week while watching a show or something isnt the worst investment.
    11. It may make you feel dumb, but watch basic guides on how to play the game. The learning curve on champion abilities is a huge one, but much of that can be overcome but just becoming knowledgeable about the base move set (how to string together combos, utilize strikers, evade/parry, reparry, backdraft intercept, bait combos, etc). You're not in a terrible progression point for your roster, but I've seen people stuck in early Act 6 with 6* R3 Hercules and similar rosters. That is a sign that they probably don't play the game well and are far below the potential progression that their roster allows for.
    12. Always be strategic about awakening gems, sig stones, or dust if possible. But don't despair if you already used dust or resources on another champ. Inevitably, you will get plenty more and that first use of anything will seem like a mistake. This leads into the caveat of:
    13. Play champs (and rank champs) that you like. Sure, Doom may have been the dominant force in this game for a long time, and still is a banger. He is also barely ranked up on my account, because I just didn't enjoy playing him for whatever reason. I've seen players take "bad" or "useless" champs up against all sorts of content. Sure, some of it may be objectively harder, but it is also worth more to you.
    14. FInally, enjoy the game. That's the whole point.
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