Strange power gain on node 53 AW D

I don't believe Dr. Strange has EVER gained power when striking an opponent or getting struck by an opponent. I just confirmed this when attacking with my own Strange. Only the slow constant add and bumps from Mystic Dispersion. Also, in the past on power gain nodes for defense, it never worked for Strange. No speed added to the constant power gain.

But in current AW D, on node 53, Dr. Strange gains power when getting struck. So between the constant gain, getting struck, MD, he is quicker than Hyperion to fill his power and you can't just bait due to his constant gain.

Is this working as intended, or a bug? Why is AW Defense (maybe only node 53, haven't fought him on other nodes recently) the only place where he seems to gain power when striking or being struck in the contest? @Kabam Loto or a mod?

I'd get a video, but I'm a little tired of grabbing video when anyone from Kabam could look into the detailed issue.
On Android 7.1 on a Galaxy S8, although shouldn't make a difference here I'd suspect.
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