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Several months back we had a member accidentally leave the alliance. No big deal, we added him back within a few hours and he was still able to contribute to and collect SA rewards that week, which was great. He said there was a message on the SA tab that said he was eligible because he had previously been in the alliance.

Fast forward a few months... We lost contact with a member from PR during the hurricanes. No game activity, no Line. We kept him in the alliance for about 45 days before removing him. Now he's got power back and is well and back to the game, so we brought him back to the alliance, but he's not eligible for rewards.

I'm guessing it's because he was gone so long, but I'm not sure the exact amount of wiggle room there is here. Can you only leave and rejoin an alliance during a single SA period and still collect rewards or is there a longer grace period?


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    My guess would be that being eligible after being kicked has to do with contributing points towards the event rather than any time frame.
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    Yeah, he did say that he can't contribute points, which I assume means he also can't collect rewards. So you're thinking that because he was kicked instead of dropping is the reason he's ineligible? If a player drops on his own and comes back 3 months later, think he'd be eligible?

    All in all, I'm not overly concerned about it. We have very little turnover in my ally, so I usually don't need to worry about SA eligibility, but it'd be nice to get a clear explanation on it. Hopefully a mod can chime in.
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    Saying based on the scenario presented that if you have contributed points towards an alliance event and then leave/kicked from the ally you will be eligible for the event you contributed points towards if you return before the event is over.
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    Ok, that makes enough sense. Thanks.
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