I took 3 screenshots of a video I took of my invisible Claire voyant
fighting CGR in AQ.i couldn't attack as well as not showing up on screen.i lost the fight but it was counted as a crashed fight and I lost half my health.


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    Superdave1966Superdave1966 Posts: 82
    @Kabam Miike I saw the issue in the bug tracker and there's a title saying not enough information.
    I have a 2 part video if you need it,it doesn't show the very start of the fight
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    ahmynutsahmynuts Posts: 6,256 ★★★★★
    Drop all of this info in your post if you can still edit it or in a comment so it's a "proper" report. You already have a couple but they like to have as much of this info as possible

    Device and Version:

    Device Operating System

    Mobile Carrier:

    Cellular or WiFi:

    Game Version Installed:

    Game Mode:

    Champions Affected:

    Active Boosts:

    Description of the Issue:

    Screenshot or Video:
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