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Necropolis Run for a Poor Player

PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 1,653 ★★★★
I posted last week about whether I should have a go at Necropolis, because of the Road to the Crypt rewards, and everyone said to go for it - so I did!!

I'd never done long-form content before, I'm very behind the meta in game progression (only just got Thronebreaker in April and then Paragon in October) and generally struggle with game content. But I decided to give it a go.

I've had Aegon for a long time as a 6*, but he's sat, unawakened, at R1.

Used an awakening gem (they're given out like candy these days) and used that sweet +200 Sig stone from Banquet rewards to take him immediately to max sig. Then burned through Mutant/Skill crystals to get enough ISO to take him to R4 - I didn't and still don't have the materials to R5 anyone, and Hercules is first in line for that, not Aegon - and Ascended him for good measure.

Took him into Labyrinth which I've never really done before and decided to actually do it - so I ran a full Aegon team (Heimdall, Proxima, Thor, Nick Fury) through the easy path of Labyrinth of Legends just to get used to those longer fights, and get a feel for Aegon whom I've never really used before. Burned through a bunch of revives, cause I suck (Colossus especially was a **** to fight) - used maybe 10-12 throughout, and also took a long time to get the 999 persistant charge because I kept dropping my combo in some fights.

I then watched a couple of videos, particularly's Seatin's summary and the start of BG's livestream to try and get some tips on how to go about it.

Finally decided to give it a go - swapped out Thor for (7* R1) Wiccan in the team and started taking on Titania. rinsed and repeated several times on her until I was able to get up a 100+ combo reasonably reliably. Once I nailed 165 I started in earnest. Revive counts are mostly estimates, I wasn't really keeping count.

Screwed up MANY times but eventually go through her with a 999 charge banked and ready - probably 10 revives already down. Moved on to Aarkhus, not a particularly fun fight and he got his L3 a few times, but I started just brute-forcing a few runs, if I found him at his L3 I'd go ham, attack in, throw my L3, hope he didn't purge the stun, attack more, striker, attack more, just keep going until he retaliated. I think another 10 revives.

Omega Sentinel wasn't that bad, still screwed up but I've got better and fighting her of late, even managing to reliably evade the plasma ball things of her L1 which I couldn't do before. only 3-4 revives I think...?

On to Air-Walker...and holy heck do I see now why people hated that fight. His AI was consistently AWFUL for me and he got his L3 a ludicrous number of times. 11 revives.

Captain Britain was OK, able to keep an eye on the reverse controls but still mucked up a few times. Had a couple of goes with Wiccan to change the pace and, while he was fine, I struggled to consistently keep his damage up so I'd be fighting for ages and only get like 10% health down. Still about 4 or 5 revives.

Wiccan I had little problem with, just my own poor play held me back, 3 revives.

Psycho-Man I did NOT like, having the prompts just threw me for a loop and I screwed up frequently - 6 revives.

Guardian was a welcome change of pace after Psycho-Man, I can consistently evade his L1 and his auto-block means nothing with a ramped Aegon. Didn't manage the solo, but only took 1 revive.

Valkyrie was another one where the node wrecked me - the chip damage taken from letting her hit my block to get her pierce so that she didn't just special-spam was frustrating but a good way to make a champion who is easy to fight more of a challenge. 4 revives.

Red Guardian was a piece of cake but still couldn't one-shot because the root eventually caught me and I got clipped by too many specials. 1 Revive.

Cap Sam - another relatively easy fight as long as I kept him to his L1, AI shenanigans factored in more than anything. 1 Revive.

Dragon-man - ugh, back to the frustrating fights - I despise champs who gain power passively when I'm not using a power control champ, and Dragon-Man feels like one of the worst, like he throws his L1 JUST before his power gain buff recharged so he's just gaining a bunch of power while I'm dodging the attack. Of course Aegon was critting all the time so he was constantly stun immune, but fortunately I could block/dodge his L2 reasonably well or I'd have died way more. 6 revives.

Cap IW - another piece of cake, again only my own poor play cost me the solo. 1 revive.

Nova brought back the power gain and bad AI combo, I HATE trying to bait Nova's specials when he's not willing to, because it winds up him constantly medium dashing and gaining power and that L3 comes along really quickly. 6 revives.

Finally the Grand-Master. Ran everyone through a few times to get a feel for the prompts and stuff and wish I'd read the guides better first to pick up on the way to control the Bans better - once I understood how to do that (parry & heavy to start, then throw a few lights, then finally dex a couple of times) the first phase was a piece of cake.

Second phase was a one-shot with Aegon, super easy and just made sense. Got him down to the next phase before I even realised it.

Third phase...ugh...I'm not sure I've hated a passage of play more than this. I didn't get him wounded a single time and just chipped away at him until it eventually got down to that coveted 1%. I just could NOT get the simon says reliably, and sometimes the RNG and AI was truly cruel - like saying "dash back" with no Grandmaster says, and he immediately got super aggressive so I'd have no choice BUT to dash back...plus I started to constantly miss the evade of his L1 blast, which of course meant he went straight to his L3.

Down to the last phase and had a combination of issues - one was I somehow didn't realised that successfully clearing the defences on him were persistent, so I was wasting time and power throwing an L1 and wondering why it wasn't doing anything...plus I continued to fail to evade his L1 beam.

All in all I think I burned through something like 30 revives just on the Grandmaster, and half a dozen of those were team revives. I think I'd do better if I do it again now that I understand it better, but I'm not sure...

So...with an R4 Ascended Aegon and an R1 Wiccan, I probably burned through over 100 revives - entirely sourced from existing stash and old 4hr crystals, no units spent, but I made it.

So for anyone who thinks they can't do this because they're not a good player - if I can do it, you certainly can! I used very little strategy, I could never get the hang of the cheese with Aegon to charge his heavy, take some hits and then use those furies for more damage and so didn't do it - I would just attack as hard and as often as I could.

The rewards were pretty sweet - although I feel a little shafted by the RNG - I pulled a Cosmic R3 gem and my only Cosmic 7* was Roblin, so I chose to make both of my class 7* crystals Cosmic - pulling Terrax and Silver Surfer, neither of whom excite me to R3, especially unawakened. But then I opted to open my Titan Crystal (I know people are saying to wait for the next pool, but I don't have that kind of patience!) and got Vox...have to decide who take take up later, once those Sweet Sweet Road to the Crypt rewards roll in.

As for what next...I reckon back to struggling in Thronebreaker EQ difficulty and avoiding Act 8 :lol:


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    OpandemonioOpandemonio Posts: 1,279 ★★★★
    You got to the +200sig stone from banquet.... How did you got the units?
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    PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 1,653 ★★★★

    You got to the +200sig stone from banquet.... How did you got the units?

    The units to get that high in Banquet? Just arena.
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    Mikes_momMikes_mom Posts: 131

    You got to the +200sig stone from banquet.... How did you got the units?

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    Godslayer_1Godslayer_1 Posts: 329 ★★★
    Mikes_mom said:

    You got to the +200sig stone from banquet.... How did you got the units?

    Your username 💀
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    captain_rogerscaptain_rogers Posts: 5,375 ★★★★★

    Btw do you grind featured 5* 6* arena for 12 mil points? it seems to be thrice the effort compared to basic arena with 4 mil.
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    G-Hun-GearG-Hun-Gear Posts: 1,447 ★★★★
    Congrats OP, and thanks for your contribution to the Crypt! :)


    Btw do you grind featured 5* 6* arena for 12 mil points? it seems to be thrice the effort compared to basic arena with 4 mil.

    It's not thrice the effort, since in the featured arena 6* champs give double the points as in the basic and 7* champs give even more... Still, I'd say with a half decent roster, 12 mil in the featured take about 50 rounds (or 150 fights) and 4 mil in the basic only take about 35 rounds.

    Too much grind for me, I tend to only do 10 rounds in the basic per day, that's done in 20 minutes. With all the other stuff that's going on in the game, that's more than enough...
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    phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 3,806 ★★★★★
    edited January 15


    Btw do you grind featured 5* 6* arena for 12 mil points? it seems to be thrice the effort compared to basic arena with 4 mil.

    Points are easier to earn in the 6* arena.

    Roughly 50 rounds for me to hit 12m

    In 3 days, easy as.

    5* arena sucks due to the refresh time for 6 and 7* vs the points earned. I want to smash through fights as quick as possible and with a weak 5* roster (as in, max rank) it just takes too long.

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    Sarah245Sarah245 Posts: 118 ★★
    Well done soldier
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    MaxtheSilentMaxtheSilent Posts: 769 ★★★
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