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Dormammu bugs

Here are few dormammu bugs when using him as an attacker and few general bugs. see the video.

1) Imbue triggers on both 25th and subsequent sp2 hits.
2) 34th was a clean swipe on right from my end but it was registered heavy.
3) 60th medium hit was supposed to generate imbue buff and the following sp3 was supposed to consume it and trigger sp3 imbue effect but imbue buff is not consumed.
4) 61st hit sp3 doesn't generate power in ws.
5) after 67th hit, look at the dark energy gain.
6)72nd was again a clean swipe, supposed to be a medium, but doesn't register.
7) new combo 5th hit supposed to be a medium doesn't register.
8) new combo next 9 hits, double imbue trigger, point 1 repeat.
9) sp2 does power lock and drain. why imbue effect show burn?
10) 19th hit supposed to be a medium registered heavy.
11) 56th hit Imbue buff instantly formed
12) 61st hit onwards, what's going on with dark energy charges?
13) after 70th hit, i went for couple of hits on block and parry for stun but the moment i tap left a net error popup appears, my tap on left does not register so no parry/ block and ws cleanes up dorma. and suddenly the error popup disappears.

i use redmi note3 and ipad air, both latest updated and the same bugs appeared on both devices.
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