Due to an issue with Alliance War Defense Tactic, we will be ending this Alliance War Season effective immediately. This current War will not count towards your Alliance War Season Score. War Season eligibility rewards will be reduced to 2 Wars in the Season.

We understand that this is not a perfect solution, but without the ability to remove or freeze the War Rating quick enough, the rest of our Alliance War season would be compromised.

This war will remain active, and in-game, you will still see the season until tomorrow. After we end the season tomorrow, we will be taking some time to collect data and remove the changes to the Alliance War Season score. Once that is complete, we will be able to send out Alliance War Season rewards.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Will there be a valor offer?

Kabam team,

I'm trying to decide how to spend the rest of my valor. I'm pretty close to a total I need for a prize, but it would help to know if we can expect an offer in the unit store for extra valor. Of course, we would imagine this valor would not affect the rankings.

Also, have you decided when the valor store will close?


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