Simple ways to make bad champs good ( pt2)

Im not in anyway trying to talk bad about kabam or anything. They do say they want to buff the bad champs soon, but that was like a while ago. Maybe their just busy with stuff idk. Anyways this is just a fun thing im doing cuz im bored, so enjoy i guess.

For now its going to be skill and science.


Black widow : ( at max Sig ability) from 70 to 80
OG Black panther : Gains precision buff at the end of each sp.
Thor( ragnarok) : Bleed on sp2
Hawkeye : ( Sig ability) Hemorrhage reduces opponents ability accuracy.


Luke cage : ( sig ability)( passive) Cannot lose more than 15% of his health from a single source and everytime luke cage lose 10% or more of his health he gains a passive indestructable buff lasting for X secs.

Red hulk : Heavy attack locks heat charges(he cant lose or gain any heat charges in this state) for x secs and has cooldown. Or sp2 consumes all heat charges and increase attack rating and incinerate dmg by X for every charge and cant gain heat charges for the next X secs.

Joe fixit : Loses his cool at 40% health and gains all the gamblers fate effects at double theur value for X secs or until he ded.

Ant man : Fatigue has a % to automatically convert into a poison charge that deals less overall dmg compared to the sp2.

Abomination : ( Sig ability) Allows Abom to poison targets when hitting them( same percentage as when being struck).

Miles mirales : Dodge back and hold block for 1.5 secs to change his evade buffs to cruelty.

Spider gwen : Sp2 and 3 has a % to gain evade and precision buffs.

She hulk : Gains fury when striking opponents who are stunned with a medium attack.

Thats all for now. Feel free to comment on you opinions. ( try to make it as simple as possible).
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