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Slow Healing Over Time

This suggestion is pretty radical in that it involves a change in the game dynamics, and would require plenty of playtesting to get the balance right, yet there is something for both Marvel/Kabam and for the players in this.

The idea is that between fights, champions slowly heal. This could extend to battles in Verses in place of 'stamina', with the enticing extra possibility that someone impatient or short of time enters the arena with a champion whom is not yet fully healed. Between quests or wars, champions heal a lot faster, so that one can start a new quest or war with other, recovered champions straight away. Alternately, the champs heal only a little faster off-quest, but the healing dynamic replaces the energy dynamic, with more advanced players having a larger roster of champions instead of more questing energy.

Other possibilities also arise, such as the possibility of weaker characters whom can heal. This can happen in a number of ways; here are two: their presence raises the healing rate to at most the off-quest rate, or they can heal themselves faster, and grant some of their own life-force to another champion. Possibly, they could also sacrifice themselves so as to revive another.

The advantage to the players is that a difficult quest can be completed with patience - this is good for casual players. Just as with energy, impatient players can pay for heals to speed up the process. The advantage to Marvel/Kabam is that impatience is an effective motivator, and this mechanism allows this without alienating poor, busy, or casual players.
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