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So no raid compensation?



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    DrZolaDrZola Posts: 8,796 ★★★★★
    BigBlueOx said:

    BigBlueOx said:

    I will say… the glory bug shouldn’t be considered the compensation and for one primary reason, purchase limits and timers on potions capped the usefulness of this bug.

    If you were in a team that was dedicated to completing the raid then even with the ludicrous amount of glory provided unintentionally chances are you still had to spend your own resources (potions and units) to power through. I think that’s what make the use of the C word a fair request

    Exactly, we can't use those glory to buy potions because of the limit, we can't trade those glory for units but we have to spend units because of bugs or untested contents.
    It's ridiculous to say glory bug is "compensation".
    At this point it seems, I think we got our response. The mode is “a success”. That’s why there’s a bulleted list of things that were addressed… things that us beta testers provided as constructive feedback at our own expense.

    I hope this comment ages poorly, because maybe I’m wrong and something is going to be done but if not then this whole Raid experience could be packaged into a master class on how to gaslight your consumer base.
    Low bar. Easy hurdle.

    Dr. Zola
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