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Looking for an alliance

After taking it easy the last couple of months looking to get a bit more active. Ideally looking for an alliance where there's either BG minimums or hit most BG milestones, AQ map 5/6 (possibly with raids) and AW gold. I'm flexible with AW and to a lesser extent BGs.

Last BG season I hit 366k which was my 2nd highest BG score to date.

I have Line, same name.


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    ax_kwayax_kway Posts: 70
    Hey. I’m building a new alliance after the one I was in collapsed.the alliance is born today… If you want to start gently ;).
    Line id is ax-kway
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    Amazing_SpidrmnAmazing_Spidrmn Posts: 11
    Hey bud! We're a solid Gold 4 alliance and do Map 6. We need about 4 more to be full. Would love to have you if you're still looking! :)
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    Doc62Doc62 Posts: 58
    I have an opening, AW gold 3 Aq6655 Battlegrounds optional, line ID Doc-62
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    Heitert3Heitert3 Posts: 35
    If you're still looking, we're Gold 1, 10k BG minimum. AQ is 5/5/6, but optional. That last group turns into a Raid group with a dedicated 10-man volunteer crew (so it's optional).

    Heitert3 in game, or Gregory Heitert on Line if you want to hit me up.
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    mustgofastermustgofaster Posts: 87
    Thanks all, found a spot!
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