Celebrate Kabam third anniversary with daily game crashes

Seriously fix the game already. It’s getting to comical levels how inept you are at your job @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Loto @Kabam Pertinax


  • KyrieRedKyrieRed Posts: 225 ★★
    Why are you so mad though! Go outside and take a breath of fresh air!
  • RB6942RB6942 Posts: 72
    Settle down man, it’ll be back up shortly. Smh
  • SteelCurtainMUTSteelCurtainMUT Posts: 432 ★★
    It does get frustrating, I find myself only on the forums to complain about this game. When you invest as much time & money as most of us we just want the best
  • AliabAliab Posts: 138
    I’ve been outside all day. I get enough fresh air. I don’t appreciate getting booting mid fight in Aq or war for no reason. There’s no scheduled maintenance and his has been happening for so long now. If this was a random event I wouldn’t have even commented in the first place. But please continue to be ok with how bad they’ve been at their job recently.
  • AliabAliab Posts: 138
    Seriously you guys flagged me? Get a life guys. I want this game to become as good as it was before when I rarely experienced this many glitches
  • AliabAliab Posts: 138
    You guys never wonder what they do with the millions they make per month or the $500m they were bought for by Net Marble? Come on stop being so complacent with bad service. We give them our money and time and they can’t even fix basic problems like with Parry that’s been going on for months. Why aren’t they using the money for better servers, better employees, and better customer service? Like the 1m fb likes. How about hire a marketing team or company like everyone other mega money company instead of milking your players?
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