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Offline Mode For CoC

MorosophMorosoph Posts: 100
edited December 2017 in Suggestions and Requests
Obviously, one cannot stay offline, but a sometimes dodgy internet connection leads to a few fight-resets for me, and, I am sure, a few others. If default opponents, current contests, etcetera, were stored on one's device, it could be possible to liaise asynchronously with timeouts of (say) half an hour for resynchronisation, so that the game could be played in spite of connection failures. Perhaps some kind of cryptography or use of hash functions could check random parts of the code and/or the data involved on synchronisation in order to guard against cheating.

Potentially, situations such as (at the time of writing) the current emergency maintenance could be covered too. With the upcoming Verses already uploaded from an hour before, we would be able to play against a limited selection of opponents chosen at random with a bias towards our usual opponent types, modified by a bias against recent opponents, until a new set was uploaded when a connection was reformed.

Obviously, this suggestion would not work for alliance quests and wars, but even there it could be done to some extent. If five minutes are given for a fight and the fight is over in two minutes, the game could 'flow on' allowing personal quests or Verses to be engaged in while the device had three minutes to reconnect and settle the fight.

Potentially, the player could adjust the size of the cache and bandwidth preferences themselves in accordance with space on their device and the quality and cost of their connection.


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