Feeling pressure?

Anyone else feeling the need to buy energy refills to get all the content done right now?


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    Jaycray81Jaycray81 Posts: 370 ★★
    I burned through all mine and now I'm like, now what?
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    shield311shield311 Posts: 306 ★★
    edited February 11
    Same with me, my alt account is flooded with 20+ expiring refills and my main account has like 4, 3 are from the prime gaming offer 😭😭
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    Toproller89Toproller89 Posts: 568 ★★★
    The struggle is real when you're not in an ally or have prime account haha
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    GaborrrrrGaborrrrr Posts: 21
    I’m not spending units for energy but after burning through them for wow practice the game is pretty boring now, nothing to do without energy apart from soul crushing arena…
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