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Act 4 advice

So I 100% Act 3 and am starting Act. 4. I know with my current roster and skill (or lack thereof) I'm not gonna get too far and my only 4/40 Champs are Psylocke and Angela (both Duped, lvl 5) and Iceman (duped lvl 21) just got to rank 4. Of my remaining 4* roster, any worth taking to Rank 4/40 or higher to try an tackle Act 4? There are a few Champs I'll take to at least 4/40 at some point but any that you guys would personally recommend for Act 4?

Angela 4/40 Awakened Lvl. 5
Psylocke 4/40 Awakened Lvl. 5
Iceman 4/10 Awakened Lvl. 21
Iron Fist 3/30
Symbiote Spider-Man 3/30
Rouge 2/20
Jane Foster Thor 2/20
Howard the Duck 2/20
Hawkeye 2/20
Dr. Voodoo 2/10
Sup. Iron Man
Black Bolt

I also have a 5* Cpt. Marvel, would she be worth taking in to Act 4 if she were taken to at least R2?

Thanks in advance for any advice fellow Summonors.


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    Vossler77Vossler77 Posts: 683 ★★
    edited December 2017
    Symbiote spidey for his special 2. Great damage. Rogue for her abilities. Voodoo. Nightcrawler & Drax are decent. cap marvel is a good choice also. Take your time. Its a very long Act so you got time to rank up those champs and stack up on potions and revives. You'll do fine. Good luck. Have fun. Tip: get that iceman to 4/40 asap. He's the best you have.
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    Thanks a ton Vossler. Yeah Iceman is a killer for sure. He will definitely be taken to 5/50 the moment I get the resources.
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    winterthurwinterthur Posts: 8,034 ★★★★★
    edited December 2017
    I am average skill and writes a lot :/;)

    Take a look at this thread when I made the Act 4 run.

    Hope it helps in some way.
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    Honestly I would rank up the rogue. But funnel you're iso into iceman before anything. That evade killing with coldsnap plus that unavoidable damage to your opponent is too good. The triple immunity is amazing as well
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    KUROKURO Posts: 104
    I soloed act 4 (not 100%) just by using r4 rogue, no potions at all. But to do a 100%, you must have some specific champions because somewhere on that many path, especially on chapter 3 & 4, there’s opponents that you can’t beat just by one champs. Based on your current roster, I don’t find any problems for you doing that at least on chapter 1 & 2 with 100%. Of course a good mastery also can be helpful too.
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    Thanks for all your input guys and gals. Very much appreciated :)
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