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Purchasing / unit store feedback

shingbabshingbab Posts: 120
edited December 2017 in General Discussion
Dear Kabam,
Just wanted to offer some feedback on your unit store offers of late relative to my position in the game.
- I'm a long term / end game but casual player.
- Couple of *5 4/55s, completed everything so far except 100% of LoL (which I'm saving for).
- Play for around 1/2 hrs a day.

Regarding purchasing, I enjoy the game and am willing to drop a bit of money into it - my absolute purchase ceiling would be ~£30 per month. Aside from the wife destroying me if I spent more than this, I reason that's roughly how much per month I would spend on a number of other leisure things - but don't. Cable TV or console gaming for example.

It seems to me like you (Kabam) make the assumption that as the time investment in the game increases, so too will the amount people will be willing to expend(?).
A year a go, deals for £10-30 were relevant to my position and progression whilst today any offers of interest whatsoever start from the £50 mark - a level I simply won't pay out on a single mobile game purchase.
Now of course I could well be a total exception in this - but I sorta feel, from talking to others, I'm not.
I guess what I'm saying - purchase / deal inflation doesn't seem to be matching in-game / free reward inflation.

I offer this only in the spirit of helpful suggestion if you want to make some more money(!) - honestly I am pleased to not even be tempted to part with my cash at the moment!


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    GruftyGrufty Posts: 186
    edited December 2017
    If you have a budget of £30 a month, why don't you save that for 2 months and then you will have £60, enough for the £50 offer.

    I get what you're saying about the cost of the offers but if you're willing to invest money monthly then you should just save it all up and wait for the offers to come out and then you should have enough for the expensive offers.

    You don't need to actually spend your full budget each and every month.
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    shingbabshingbab Posts: 120
    edited December 2017
    That's a good point!
    On reflection, it's less of a budget and more of an impulse buy limit.
    I don't strictly set aside £30 for the game - just when the odd enticing thing used to show up I would buy it.
    I've just noticed that that never happens anymore.
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