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who is "end game player" / Top tier player / etc ?

Qwerty12345Qwerty12345 Posts: 796 ★★★
With all the "feedback" from recent releases, including WoW and the recent Carina's challenges I think its important to define what an "in game player" is and a few other things.

First, I'd like to say those who consider themselves not just the top 1%, but .001% (those sweaty guess who do itemless challenges into the abyss and necropolis for example)... I'd argue there is end game content: 1: battlegrounds, and the contest to truly say "you are #1", along with things like Summoner Showdown.

Below that top .001%, typically "End game" and "top tier" player have been defined in the past as those who have "completed everything" and or do Plat1+ wars as a rough line in the sand. Its hard to truly define this because not everyone does everything, and not everything "is worth doing" (e.g. I myself still haven't done the starlord challenge, and given how poorly it ages and how valuable revives are... I'd still count myself in this category, even though technically I am not quite checking the box).

What I think people fail to realize, is that things like Carina's challenges are rarely "must do right away"... there have been exceptions, where for example racing through Necropolis to get the valiant title really was a "very, very strong encouragement"... but I am in absolutely no rush to hit 3 or 4 of the new challenges because "5000 7 star shards isn't worth it" for the challenge they present.

I do believe one of two things was totally missed:

either 1: These truly are challenges. Like the original "do the full loop for 1 gold" or the "Duck challenge"... its a challenge for the sake of the challenge, and "nothing of material is to be gained"...


it should be a challenge with a reward the matches the challenge. Acknowledging that they are not all of the same dfficulty... leave the easier rewards along / buff them slightly (maybe 10000 7 star shards instead or also add 2000 titan shard or add a T4cc).

but for the more challenging ones... make them full titan crystals for completion of the middle two, and 1-2 gem for the the more difficult 2..

Then on exploration... While the champ selectors are nice... They aren't top 10 champs. If they were Herc, Doom, Nick, CGR, etc. level champs... then that would have been fine, but we know that isn't going to happen.

If they were the finally available 6 start quake and 6 star magik... I still wouldn't rush... but that would have been a huge win for the community... but also not very likely...

Most reasonably, instead of a 1-2 gem, there should have been a 2-3 generic gem, and still some more) [since 7 star stones are now a thing, I would have stuck like 50 of them there)

but none the less... the point is... either make it something that "gets people out of bed, and thinking about using units and doing it"... or make it totally optional with mostly vanity rewards.

For me... I am certainly not racing to do these. I am going to take my time, and as there are "revives in overflow" I'll eventually get to them, and slowly sig up my black widow / and such on the way, but in reality... these might just go up on the shelf next to the starlord challenge, and by the time I bother to get to the last one... the rewards will have aged so poorly that it would only be a "want to flex" thing... and therefore if the reward was just 1 gold and a tool title... that would have been effectively the same thing anyway.

In the meantime... eagerly awaiting my WoE-is-me tomorrow. Who knows, If things are more like the previous EOP challenges / have some revives to spare... maybe I'll look at the Mojo challenge.


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    ahmynutsahmynuts Posts: 6,511 ★★★★★
    This is the end game player they are referring to when they talk about end game players

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