6* dual class crystals

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As new champs enter the crystal pool, when do the 6* dual class crystals get these champs? For example, the top prize in the 6* cosmic/tech crystal starts with Shocker. The 4* and 5* cosmic/tech crystals show Gladiator, Vox, Lady Deathstrike and Adam Warlock as top prizes before it shows Shocker. I opened a lot of the 6* science/mystic crystals trying to get Werewolf By Night but then I noticed he probably isn't even in it yet, despite being in the 4* and 5* science/mystic crystals, as he nor Photon were showing as top prizes in the 6* science/mystic


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    Cure2024Cure2024 Posts: 122 ★★
    duel crystal is same as basic pool except it is limited to 2 classes. So whenever a champ enters 6* basic pool they also enters their respective duel class crystal
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