Alterations for the current state of the game

So I’ve been browsing the forums looking at everything people would like to see changed and wanted to essentially sum them up. Whilst I do agree with these ideas, I wonder what you guys think. What else would you like to see?

1) Increased catalyst storage for T4CC, T4B, T1A and T2A. Many players will have T4CC expiring on a monthly basis and even a way to convert them to T1A, T2A shards and T4B would be cool to see.

2) More access to T1A (include them in every 30mil for AQ milestones maybe or decrease the cost to rank up a 5*)

3) Increase potion storage (particularly revives when saving to do things like LOL or 5.4)

4) Decrease cost of energy refills by a bit (eg 30 to 25). With all the new content coming this month, many players will struggle to do it all.

5) Allow uncollected players to earn Grandmaster Crystal Shards other than from the calendar. Maybe add them to arena milestones or the monthly event quest. Not too many but enough so we get more than 2 GM crystals per month without buying them.

What else do you all think would be a good improvement?
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