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Which 6* Tech To Prioritise

PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 1,653 ★★★★
I'm finding that I need to prioritise a Tech advancement - I was hanging out to pull Ghost because I loved using her in the 5* days (even as an ascended 5* her damage is really starting to lack) but after 3 Tech Nexus crystals in a row failed to offer her up I need to focus elsewhere, but I'm a bit stumped for who to priotise because I don't really know how to use any of them and/or what specialty they offer that I'm lacking. I've tried watching some videos but having a hard time putting it into practice.

I've got no 7* Techs at all. I've got Warlock as my only R4, then a bunch of R3s whom I pretty much entirely took up due to Tier Lists etc, then a couple of older R2s and a bunch at R1.

For Context I'm Paragon, have done a Completion run of everything in Story including 8.3 and am working through exploring Act 8 in anticipation of 8.4 releasing - this rank-up could be useful for 8.3.5's Bishop boss. I've also done a single run of Necropolis but am not expecting to do it again any time soon so I'm counting on Act 8's exploration giving what I need to become Valiant. I mostly just do general content, low-pressure AW, but am looking to dip my toes back into Battlegrounds now that my roster's had a real shake-up.

What I would really appreciate, please, is not only recommendations for which of these champs I should be looking to prioritise, but also why and where they're most useful - like they're great for the Tech chapter in EQ, or they're amazing through Acts 7 and 8 to explore. I know Shuri is one of the champs for Necropolis, but is it worth investing all the resources into a 6* for that? I'm finding it all a bit of information overload now so getting some direct advice would be really helpful - thanks!


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    MackeyMackey Posts: 1,592 ★★★★★
    Ultron or Nimrod
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    Milan1405Milan1405 Posts: 952 ★★★★
    Nimrod and FAM are probably your best bets.

    Personally, I rank 5ed and ascended my 6 star shuri to do necro and she was really good for some of the fights like attuma, namor, psychoman etc. I pulled her as a 7 star a couple of months later but I don't regret it as you can't assume you will get her as a 7 star as the only selector available is for necro exploration sadly.
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    OakenshieldOakenshield Posts: 1,835 ★★★★
    If you are thinking of getting into BGs, Fantman is great for an additional investment. Aside from that I’d say Nimrod or Shuri.

    I did Necropolis exploration with an R4 Shuri since I hadn’t managed to pull her as a 7*, and she did great.
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    captain_rogerscaptain_rogers Posts: 5,376 ★★★★★
    FAM is good for all areas in the game.nimrod does whatever he does at r3.

    FAM is really safe option cuz you can get a entire combo even against a boss or something still survive, shrug off, heal back and stun the opponent. This may seem unbelievably but whenever i struggle to find a opening for attack while using fam, and opponent don't have a special attack loaded, I just stop blocking and take few hits on the face, then the opponent is probably stunned and I start to attack back. Not many champs in this game can do this.
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