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Help me choose my 3rd Cosmic R2

OakenshieldOakenshield Posts: 1,835 ★★★★
Hello all -

Trying to figure out who to R2 next of my Cosmic champs. I’ve got two R2’s already - Venom and Maestro. I’m leaning heavily towards my duped Angela, particularly since I also have a 7* Odin and the 6* Thor relic - she can get to 6 buffs almost immediately for any team content which really helps her utility on top of her already good damage. Gorr and Knull are probably my next most likely choices, but since I don’t have either of them awakened yet I’m leaning towards Angela. WRT Adam Warlock, I like him but find him a little too dependent on a cooperative AI - which generally isn’t.

What do you all think?

Help me choose my 3rd Cosmic R2 28 votes

Angela - Duped, sig 20
Talha305RajaBigTuna_2054DOKTOROKTOPUSo_oGrieferMadnessLBN1AvnishHonorable_BluJayImBeastMode 9 votes
Knull, unduped
The_Doctor_24_1mbgibsonDahlialienKingering_KingNacho98 5 votes
Gorr, unduped
Gamora, Duped sig 20
MagicBentonNescioMDxJJMACEmomikeMaple111 6 votes
Rayven5220TrongNov 2 votes
Adam Warlock
DeaconPowerofpain1001Doctor_Strange19Nemesis_17Laughingman 5 votes
Other (please specify)
shield311 1 vote


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    Rayven5220Rayven5220 Posts: 1,922 ★★★★★
    Odin. Because he's super underrated and also my favourite champ in the game. 😬

    Angela, otherwise. 🥲
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    OakenshieldOakenshield Posts: 1,835 ★★★★
    Ok done. Thanks all.

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