Arena Matching

So, whenever in arenas you’ve picked your three champions to go fight, you’re always presented 3 choices of sets of enemies to fight, the top one is the auto match-up, it is of the 3 Champions with the least PI of the two below, and the bottom choice’s tea has the highest PI, what is the strategy behind choosing the harder PIs?


  • Brew_SwayneBrew_Swayne Posts: 492 ★★
    Higher opponent PI = more points per fight.
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,774 ★★★★
    You have to look out for one thing though. When you're starting out this becomes very important.

    You want to choose the group, where the visible champion is the weakest in rating. It's usually the first group. so nothing to worry about it when it is. But what happens is, people will sandbag, making it appear like it's an easy fight based on the total rating. However, when you enter you find out you're figthing to 4/40s and a 1/01. If you have 2/20s it's not going to be a fun time. It's possible to beat yes, but your chances are slimmer to win all three fights.
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