MODOKS LAB: No Auto fight?

Is this working as intended or should auto fight be eligible.


  • HeartlessHeartless Posts: 296 ★★
    edited December 2017
    Unable to put on autofight for the easier difficulties on modoks lab, is this intentional???

  • HeartlessHeartless Posts: 296 ★★
    Also I left a quest and can’t get back in that same difficulty so is that supposed to count as our one entry even if we leave??
  • Especially to the easy fights. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!

  • Just merged together three threads on the Auto-Fight matter. This option isn't available in the Quest. It wasn't mentioned originally in the post, but just got updated on it.

    As for the fight issue, @Heartless please contact support about this one.
  • beaupoembeaupoem Posts: 425
    @Kabam Vydious @Heartless it counts as 1 entry even if you leave. working as intended
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