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Battlegrounds is in Crisis

TLDR - Participation is very low. I think we need participation incentives. Trophy Tokens for staying a full match.

It isn't really a new idea, complaints about BGs increase every month. Some of it is just standard complaints about not liking matchmaking or nodes being too frustrating. However at the center of it all, participation is tanking... and thats hurting everyone.

The graph above shows the points threshold for previous seasons on GC. Seasons 9 and 12 (if i recall correctly) had enhanced rewards in milestones that greatly encouraged participation. Cutoffs to get into Uru 2 were super high (150+ points). There were also an enormous number of people is Uru 3. In season 9 I ended with 17 points at rank 45501. I estimated there were in the ballpark of 70,000 people in GC that season. Season 12 was similar. It seemed like good reason to expand the amount of ranked positions so that we wouldn't see 75% of players getting consolation prizes.

Season 16 isn't over yet but as of today, GC has ~8400 players in it. There is no one in Uru 3 because Uru 2 isn't full yet. There are a few days left so I suspect quite a few will squeeze in last minute. Maybe push it to 12,000. Put this is a month with a special chase reward (Nightcrawler runestones). Interest should be much higher. The 7 star Nightcrawler event is about to become dead for a large amount of players.

Participation is hurt by:
1) Time/Effort/Reosurces IN VS Rewards OUT
2) Moral/Play Experience

Battleground rewards are good. As in, the store has a lot of great stuff to buy. There are 56,100 trophy tokens in Victory Track and up to 16,800 through objectives. What will it cost the average player to get that? If you have to start at Bronze 3, and somehow have a 50% win rate the whole time, the average number of fights to reach GC would be about 225. If you were in GC previous season, you can start in Plat 1 and cut that to 138 matches.

Do that with energy and those 138 matches with energy, and that's 2070 energy spent (Almost 30 energy refills, values at 1000 units). You can save energy with Elders marks, but the per/match cost is higher. Matches also last around 10 mins. Your 138 matches will take 23 hours over the month.

Point is, for "middle of the pack" players, it is a lot of work. The other thing is, these are percentile brackets. Where the middle is depends how many other players are present. Everytime the bottom 10% drop out of BGs (because the experience of losing 80% of matches is too frustrating) the middle moves higher up the ladder.

There is also no real incentive to move fast. Being in GC for weeks 1+2 has no advantage over getting there a few days before season ends (unless you want to climb the ranks). So many less competitive but still huge accounts are taking a leisurely stroll through VT... and then bottlenecking at the GC door. This bottleneck is creating a wall that is preventing even smaller paragon accounts from getting to the end of VT.


Participation rewards. I can't help but feel that BGs are a bit too brutal to losers. In AW a strong loss still gets you 50% of the loyalty prize. If you spend 15 energy and lose, in BGs, there's nothing. Yes there is the participation objective where you can just play 3 matches and get 600 trophy tokens... but thats not quite enough. Fight hard for half an hour, spend 45 energy, lose and come out with 600 tokens every other day. As a paragon that's enough for just under two 6 star sig stones. It is basically time better spent in arena.

How bad would it be if every match in VT, no matter outcome gave you a participation prize? The matches already cost energy/marks to play so you can't really exploit it too badly. Suppose matches in Bronze to Gold gave 50 each, Platinum to Vibrainium gave 100, and GC matches gave 200.

First, that creates an incentive to get to GC faster. Second, losing players can still accumulate something for their effort.

Obviously make it that you have to complete the match to get the tokens. We don't want a ton of loss farming by quitting a during draft. Another important note, it can't reward more tokens for winning because that would encourage farming of from big accounts in lower tiers.

Playing out the scenarios, it doesn't seem too bad. A player starts in Plat 1 plays 100 matches and nets an extra 10,000 tokens through the season. It's not game breaking. Still much less than what you get for starting in Plat 1. Even very big players, if they get a 75% win rate can get through VT is 50 matches (5,000 tokens) then play the rest in GC. Even if they play another 100 matches there, that is "only" another 20,000 tokens. Most importantly, The cavalier and thronebreaker players can get something out of their grind, even if they lose 80% of their matches.

In this proposed system, as a Paragon, I could grind 9 matches (over 2 hours) to buy 2000 6 star shards. Or maybe 1.25 T5B catalysts (worse time investment than getting 30 unit in arena milestones and buying it in rank up store). I've played 60 matches in Vibrainium 3 this season so far. 23 wins... and not much to show for it.

This is a rebalancing. Add some rewards to the losing side to reduce the string of defeat and encourage players to keep playing. The Battlground event is joke worthy. 300,000 points for 15,000 6 star shards is motivating no one. If you try to do it with energy, it takes 400 matches with 50% win rate. Even if you can whale, 67 Elders marks matches?


Fruitless participation of smaller accounts is leading to constant drop out of those players. It is shifting the pain of high loss rates to progressively higher accounts, stifling their participation too. We need a rewards bump for ALL Participants (not just winners) to keep people playing.


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    EdisonLawEdisonLaw Posts: 2,772 ★★★★
    They just need to improve the rewards
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    Rayven5220Rayven5220 Posts: 1,916 ★★★★★

    If they added extra rewards to each GC league like a small amount of Titan shards the first time you reach a new league or something like that, I bet this problem would immediately fix itself lol. If people had a reason to go as high as possible in GC, participation would skyrocket and I wouldn't still be in Gamma 2 with barely 36 points 💀

    I would be pushing for GC for sure if that happened, haha

    Hoping next seasons reward changes are actually worth something.
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    WhiteKnightWhiteKnight Posts: 331 ★★★
    I think that a reward for completing/winning is needed, I do more than just my 3 fights every 2 days and most of the time it feels pointless. In GC you can win and lose so many points the original wins feel wasted.

    I think there should be more for a win otherwise people can just let the game play and lose for rewards, idk 25 for a completed loss and 50 for a win but have that tripled GC so bug accounts want to be in it.

    Only issue I see is Kabam will the devalue the store so you can't buy as much or make everything cost more since we could have endless ammount of trophy tokens
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    ItsClobberinTimeItsClobberinTime Posts: 3,901 ★★★★★

    If they added extra rewards to each GC league like a small amount of Titan shards the first time you reach a new league or something like that, I bet this problem would immediately fix itself lol. If people had a reason to go as high as possible in GC, participation would skyrocket and I wouldn't still be in Gamma 2 with barely 36 points 💀

    I would be pushing for GC for sure if that happened, haha

    Hoping next seasons reward changes are actually worth something.
    I'm sure everyone would lol GC would probably be full before week three begins and they don't even need to give out a ton of shards honestly.
    250 per league = 4.5k shards in total if you make it to Celestial 1. I don't see how this could be broken or make Titan crystals irrelevant.
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    Grub88Grub88 Posts: 262 ★★
    Awesome write up dude, spells it out so clearly
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    PriyabrataPriyabrata Posts: 1,097 ★★★★
    Josh_kavs said:

    They are updating solo rewards next season. But we will have to wait and see if it is worth doing. They need to add more than just crystal shards into the rewards because you can get reasonable amounts elsewhere.

    I'm not optimistic after they "buffed" the store, maybe the mile stones will now give a 1125 6* shards instead of 1000
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    peixemacacopeixemacaco Posts: 1,578 ★★★
    Along with BG point farmers

    Summoners that have 2 points and resign on ban phase to continue on same level
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    PT_99PT_99 Posts: 3,031 ★★★★★
    edited April 1
    Nacho98 said:

    Reading is hard hmm.
    Tiktok really did a number
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    peixemacacopeixemacaco Posts: 1,578 ★★★

    Again, after being told again and again...no point to doing that. Take off your tinfoil hat my guy.

    What? 🙄
    This really happens on BG.

    But you must be Paragon

    I see...

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