Please be aware, there is a known issue with Saga badging when observing the AW map.
The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
We are aware of an issue with the seeding for the beginning of the BG season.
We are adding rewards to higher progression brackets to offset the additional grind.
More information here.
**Arcade is being extra tricky with his Murder Box...**
It appears Arcade has been non-cooperative in his approach to this month's side quest and presented his clues in a nonsensical order. Lucky you, Summoners, we have our best and brightest on the case and those clues should now be a lot more straightforward. While messing around in Arcade's files we came across a phrase, highlighted and bolded, with sparkles and pointy arrows: "the abode for the dead" ... Maybe that will help you along the way!

Input issues? Or glitch?

PandingoPandingo Posts: 876 ★★★
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I don't know if it's been discussed here yet. But a very weird interaction just occurred. Path 1 of AW buffet node. Terrax defender. I parried him. And he shrugged and got his regen. But the input didn't register that I was blocking still?? He immediately wiped half my health with a combo. It was so fast i assumed I somehow made a mistake but then it happened again. I blocked. He shrugged. And then immediately attacked and killed me like he was unblockable. Parrying and blocking are the most instinctual inputs in the game. I most definitely didn't let go of block. Is anybody else experiencing this? I don't know that it would be input because it registered my attempted parry but then canceled my whole block animation rather than just canceling parry. Definitely not a great April fools joke. 😅
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