What is going on?

AQ map 5

First symbiod with the hulk special 2 - I dexterity evaded twice successfully and took full damage on special 2

Fight against abomination almost immediately after - I selected HULK yet it chose magik and started the fight? Wtf is that?

I definitely deserve compensation for both of these errors. This is honestly BULL! I am beyond furious.

I’ve dealt with the failure to improve this game and it’s playability but now... this is just too much.

Can’t do **** in AQ, my alliance is suffering now, not just me.

Kabam you need to fix this game cause I’ve had enough of this nonsense.


  • To be fair, did Kabam ever promised proper gameplay or bug-free gameplay?

    Also, not exactly the wisest decision to encounter a bug in AQ and yet continuing it knowing thhe bug is there.
  • Regen beros re not regenerating and lag is crazy not even worth playing much longer.
  • imnooneimnoone Posts: 308
    To all players complaining here

    First of all, I would say this, I understand your frustration because I have had similar problems and sometimes it just too much to handle.
    That being said ...
    Has Kabam ever provided with compensation for complaining on forum? We all know answer to this.

    It's a very heavy mobile game so it bound to have bugs. Yes, it's almost impossible to play but it's not something thats unexpected. Best way to go about this is to report a bug to Kabam with proof and hope that they will fix it. Anything else is just waste of time and energy.

    Just my .02 cents
  • L3gEnDL3gEnD Posts: 28
    Yes Kabam need to get their **** together. However @imnoone is right. Kabam won't do anything if we swear and don't band together to get compensation. As in 12.0, that was the only time we banded together and we got compensation. Boycotts are effective against Kabam but they will only happen if everyone is participating. Even just a 10% loss in revenue is noticeable and Kabam will panic again.

    Just try it. It'll work. Lol this comment went off-topic fast af.
  • YES. THIS.
    I just lost Hulk in AQ due to special 3 failing to activate despite hitting the button 3 times.
    Then, hulk randomly revived with 20% percent health. And the opponent (UC) was back to full health, after I had him down to approx. 25%

    Also: Parry, dexterity, and critical rates are functioning only when, and if, the gods see fit.

    Parry and normal block intermittently not working against Modok as well, which is intensely frustrating, seeing as he then promptly proceeds to f my world up.

    It is thus, good friends and Kabam, that I say to you that I shall refrain from making any purchases until these GAME BREAKING, REPEATED BUGS are fixed.

    Do not let my implied calmness fool you either, I am so pissed off I might considering going Edward Norton on someone's ass.

    Oh and Nightcrawler is disappearing mid fight again. So, not fixed then.
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