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Tigra Carina's CCP by and *average? Valiant [along with who should I pick?]

willrun4adonutwillrun4adonut Posts: 3,494 ★★★★★
I had a surplus of revives and potions [I bought 5/5 potion packs before they left the store] as I bought them to get ready for WoW, but that was far easier than I was expecting. So Tigra challenge, here I go.

First off, I talked to Fintech about a month ago and he said that even with bad Tigra skills, my 4,000 unit stash would be overkill, ignoring my revive stash. He was correct. It was actually my favorite challenge out of the 6. It was way more enjoyable than the Avenger’s challenge as every single fight seemed to be do-able, even though at first glace it seemed liked a headache.
I r5 and ascended Tigra, but I had never used her before except for when Hulkling first came out. I also did not practice Tigra individual fights with her, nor did I practice Tigra before jumping in, so if you have Tigra skills or are willing to learn her/prep against certain opponents [ie Bishop], your run will be way less.

I wanted to get this out of the way while free masteries were available. I switched masteries almost every single fight. For example, I would turn on Deep Wounds when using Jabari, but switch to 5/5 MD when using Tigra. I sometimes forgot to switch them back that caused problems [like when I was doing arena with suicides and then jumped back in to Tigra]. Most of the time, I had 3/3 inequity for reduced opponent attack. I tried to update for each fight if there was something specific.

Tigra 6r5 max sig ascended with 6* Juggs relic
Tigra 5r5 sig 104 with 5* SW relic
Jabari 6r4 sig 40 with 6* relic

Fintech’s stream which I didn’t watch or even open https://www.youtube.com/live/foWfunnfN2o?si=6OEre3NnkmFRPWzk
Campo MC [thanks Cat Murdock]. This one I watched each fight but didn’t always follow advice [such as Overseer fight]. He breaks it down very well for new Tigra players, but his skill level is still way better than mine. https://youtu.be/JQB5piA8Iyw?si=8qouhreaCWncCIMq
WolfRaMike was my favorite because he was the only one who as a written guide, though short. He also has tips on spacing, but I didn’t get it so I ignored it. His written directions are I the comments. He pinned it to the top. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA4LpcMK2gQ&t=1261s

For the opponents that I could get in the corner, I found that you can heavy chain the opponent very easily in the corner if they are below 1 bar. If they get above one bar, they could throw a sp1. So I would heavy chain as much as I could. Never threw a sp3, and almost always tried to get sp2.

Herc: Tigra – It took me 1.5 hours to get a solo [kind of]. Restart until you get a good run. Energy is free. Since you can't neutralize, Tigra's senses fall off. I tried different things, but the one that worked the most was getting him to the corner, spamming heavy until he gets to a bar of power, then trying to bait the special. I'm save my specials until I needed to knock him down. Often, he would get to a full three bars, or I would have too many concussions on Tigra and she wouldn't get the unblockable. I had ~80% health until he got me in his immortal phase (which seemed to last forever since he also had the unblockable node going at the same time). 5/5 MD helps gain power when his indestructible and unblockable end Tigra 5r5 finished him off. 0 revives (though will be reviving for the next challenge).

Havok: Tigra - I don't know how to do the heavy bait reliably. He would get to a sp3. So I just did as much damage as possible. It was normally a sp2 and a sp1 and some hits. This would be a good fight to practice. However, I say that I could just nuke him and revive, and having so many revives, I wasn’t too worried about solos as they would just excpire. 4 revives plus heal

Warlock: Tigra - After reading some people's thoughts on the forums, I thought that this one would be the worst. But it was actually pretty fun. Turn off willpower, and increased cruelty and precision as much as possible. My cat jumped on my lap and scared me, otherwise I actually think I would have gotten the solo. My plan was to fire off sp2. Some people said to just fire sp1, but my spacing was off. Since she launches across the screen, I would just do a sp2. I also used mystic boosts. My other plan was to make sure that I didn't have any infections up when I threw a special so that I would always get the nullify. Also, warlock seemed to play pretty passive so I could heavy change when he did a sp1, and then launch my sp2. This is my favorite fight, and if I could just do this fight over and over for fun, I would. 1 revive

Fury: Tigra - just get him to a sp2, rinse and repeat. There is something about power locking him, but I didn't remember how to. Also, I forgot to turn on willpower after the warlock fight. Don't forget because it's useful to heal from the bleed damage and disorient. Be sure you have good spacing for specials as I did occasionally throw a special when I was to close, fury would block it, and I'd take bleed damage. 1 revive

Modok: I was impatient and probably should have read his nodes and researched better. I would go in with jarabi, parry and reparry, then mlm. But I would often forget or think that I could get more hits in. I would always take block damage from sp1 as I can't dex it. I would forget too/didn't read about heavy attacking until after I defeated him so that was a big miss in my part. If you just play it slow, then it won’t be as bad. Switched masteries to DW. This was my third least favorite fight. 4 revives and full heal

Blade: Tigra - could easily have been a solo, but it was just a long fight. Blade for me seemed really passive and it was hard to get him to throw specials and the fight was getting long so I was getting tired. The good thing about passive AI is that destructive feedback was easy to manage. Just be sure you can decide his sp1. You can heavy counter, but I found that nerve-wracking. Turn on willpower again if you haven't already (like how I forgot still). 2 revives

Terrax: Tigra just keep attacking and watch when his power drops below 1 bar since you'll have to fill it. I didn't worry about the 15 hit combo meter since I was throwing specials pretty regularly. His sp2 can do massive damage if you can time it right. 1 revive forgot to turn off suicides from arena

Dragon man: Tigra was able to heavy counter very well against his sp1. He only threw one sp2 the entire fight, and never reached a sp3. I think I lucked out with the cooperative AI. 1 revive

Peni : Everyone - I just threw everyone at him. It wasn't until my very last hit that I wondered if you could heavy attack her and not get autoblocked (my last hit was a heavy counter to a special when Peni had 9 charges). If that's true, I never knew that and it would have been a great thing to know ahead of time. If you can, that would have saved tons of revives. 3 team revives and full heal .

Scorpion: Jabari solo virtually. I even forgot to put on deep wounds back on . You don't have to worry about his evade since you're throwing sp1s so much. I can't even tell you the rotation I used because it was so fast. Just don’t get to 0 power. If I remember correctly, I originally did the Scorpion fight when it came out by going to sp3 and then just leaving it there. Jabari was super easy. 1 revive, but really was a solo in my book since it was so close.

Kraven : Tigra - I let Kraven root me on his sp1, then when he would run towards me, I would throw my sp1. It hits him, gets you out of your root, and you go far enough forward to Deactivate the trap laid down from sp1. This was a neat thing I found out. I originally thought that I would push him to sp2 so I wouldn’t have to worry about the traps, but I mistimed dexing his sp2 trap two times and died each time, so for me, letting him throw his sp1 was better. You can also heavy chain him in the corner if below 1 bar. He starts unblockable so don't parry initially. Her neutralize does a great job of preventing the unstoppable. 2 revives

Overseer : Jabari - you can ignore his autoblock on specials as her cleanse takes care of it. Change masteries to max limber in case you get stunned by encroaching stun. Just watch the encroaching stun and have a special ready. I'm not sure if her cleanse can get rid of the encroaching stun if it's timed perfectly, and didn't want to try it. Some WolfRaMike used Tigra so I was on my own her. 3 reviveswith Jabari

Crossbones: If you get in a groove, he goes down easily. Bane starts out taking a good chunk of you health, but as his health goes down, the effectiveness of bane does as well. I really only watched the bane node as he gains furies so easily that I didn’t have to worry about him ever having less than 3. Don’t block. Bane can also be transferred with relics. Jabari's cleanse handles the biohazard node perfectly. 3 revives and full heals

Bishop: Tigra, just 40% revive, didn't worry about heavy counters as I don't know how to play against Bishop. It was just a go until he died. Good fight to practice prior, which I didn’t. 4 revives

Dorm: Jabari - this was my least favorite fight. I would get degens, buffs, knock him down, and they wouldn't trasnfer. I probably wasn't understanding something, but it happened 6 times. 4 revives, full heal, degens weren't always transferring. It should have been easier if I knew specifically why my degens weren’t transferring [and I wasn’t running pacify either].

Thanos: 14 revives (but felt like more so maybe I didn't do a great job of recording ) and some full health for last phase. I hate him so go read someone else's guide on him. I couldn't get him to hold his specials so for phase 3 I would just take off 2-4% each time and revive.

Ending Items

I hope that this helped.

Tigra Carina's CCP by and *average? Valiant [along with who should I pick?] 15 votes

dupe Starky
captain_rogersMarvelNoobjj_jj_9 3 votes
dupe Masacre
Justcause102Almccarthy 2 votes
unduped Masacre and unduped Starky
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    MarvelNoobMarvelNoob Posts: 1,008 ★★★★
    dupe Starky
    Ashacekar said:

    You can get 7* awakening gem in future but not the opportunity to pick both again

    Oh that's actually a great pull right there. Thank you for changing my mind about my selector next week😂
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    TheHeroDeservedTheHeroDeserved Posts: 745 ★★★
    unduped Masacre and unduped Starky
    Thanks for a great write-up, @willrun4adonut. I'm planning my run for next week, but I'm debating with myself whether to do the run with an r4 Tigra, ascend her, or ascend and r5 her.
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