LF 2-3, Devilishly handsome applicants only.

Are you an uggo? Fug wugly? The post above and below us are likely for you. This crew is made up of only the most handsome/beautiful summoners, and we make no exceptions (unless there is a considerable bribe, in which case, we are shameless, and we accept.)

About us:

Plat 4 currently. Would like to climb to plat 3 and we are looking for the right candidates to assist in that.

Map 6 AQ, with some options concerning raids (4 week/8 week rotations or no raids) ask for details!

No BGs minimum. Do what you want, enjoy the game again.

War is organized, assigned defenders, recommended defence masteries, assigned paths. First 12 hrs of war is for strategizing. Paths should be done in the first 24hrs, minis/bosses coordinated effort for the final 24 hrs.

We are all, of course, very attractive, except one who provided a very large bribe.

About you:

You are, of course, extremely attractive by all metrics available, or have a sizeable bribe at the ready.

You have a high level of communication, and don’t need to be tagged in chat to get your **** done.

You are 17k+ prestige, paragon+, and have good skill/game knowledge or are highly coachable.


Add me on line: captainmaim


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