How many of you Hate /Love Luke cage? for me hes a go to champ for AQ

Yes, a lot of us dont like him, he does not hit hard ,takes a lot of time to finish fights and so on. Mine is duped at 4/40 but even with 1000 health he murders Doramamu in AQ. His Tough it out ability is life saver along with physical resistance. Yes the stun is not that powerful and cannot be chained( if that was the case he would have been right up there with the current gods for me..

Whats your take?


  • TryakshaTryaksha Posts: 146
    DLegend wrote: »
    Captain america (classic) or Cap ww2 is better for AQ.

    Luke cage ain't too bad for AW defense though.

    agreed, but luke cage allows you one mistake :) a lapse of concentration :D i used to take Cappy ww2, wolverine and gullotine for attack in AQ coz of their synergy.. but then luke cages bleed immunity is a plus as well..
  • I don't use champs like Luke Cage simply because there are easier ones to work with.

    He's a slow fighter with abilities that trigger when you make a mistake, not my type.

    There are better sciences like Hulk, WWII and Quake, and there are better champs overall, like Voodoo, SL, Thor.
  • TryakshaTryaksha Posts: 146
    Thats for people who have those champs the latest champ from new breed that i have is beast and phoenix.. dont even have three star versions of others.. maybe its just my luck and mind you i am at 190k in the game so not a newbie.... we gotta work with what we have.. so cappy yes.. agreed.. and with the state the game is in now.. "abilities that trigger"help dont you think so?
  • Indrick781Indrick781 Posts: 232 ★★★
    Luke Cage is one of the worst champs in the game for anything. I fought him in AW recently against a seller alliance and LC was 5/50. I laughed as I finished him in 15 hits. He's laughably easy to fight in AW and his damage output is a joke. He needs a complete overhaul.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,146 ★★★
    I use him in aq a sometimes, then just keep dipping them and spamming specials one and two but other than that he's kinda uesless.

    He needs to hit harder , get a better signature ability and some revamping
  • TryakshaTryaksha Posts: 146
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    I will say that I don't like champs that are too low on damage output personally, but, yeah that is a cool ability that can be a life saver. I like that you utilize him proudly. Not every champ can be high damage output, so maybe they can make his indestructible also pop up on a % chance during the fight even after initial use.

    Its about making the most out of what you have :) i dont have voodoos, mordos, icemen or any of those super damage heros.. all old school heros, maybe thats what kabam wanted me to have because even my new account hasn't seen a 4* yet while the alliance that i have started almost 8 people have drawn 4* already. so doing it the hard way:).

    No complaints, i just play for the fun of it.. the second account is for my daughter and shes flustered why dont we get a 4* lol.
  • DizastarDizastar Posts: 56
    I love Luke Cage. Pretty sure this was a medium fight but I was pissed my Dormammu got taken by Iron Man.

  • TryakshaTryaksha Posts: 146
    Dizastar wrote: »
    I love Luke Cage. Pretty sure this was a medium fight but I was pissed my Dormammu got taken by Iron Man.


    Yep.. he actually stands pretty well.. long fights but gets the job done if you use him well.. wouldnt know about doramamu.. have only fought him as a boss..:)
  • A_Noob_Is1A_Noob_Is1 Posts: 761 ★★
    I like him.woudn't mind him as a four star
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 19,962 ★★★★★
    I like him.
  • No_More_HeroesNo_More_Heroes Posts: 471 ★★
    Whatever works for you, go for it. However, to me he's garbage.
  • CavalierCavalier Posts: 246
    I would never use him in defense. He is just to predictable and easily taken down. I never used him for attacking so he might be good in that. If you like him, that's all that matters.
  • Animejay70Animejay70 Posts: 344 ★★★
    I'm "luke" warm on him. He's not terrible after the WP nerf and has his uses, but as someone else said, there are far easier champs to work with that can do what he does.
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 907 ★★★
    He needs a buff in the attack strength department. He has big pillow fists right now. He has decent utility and I like his sig, but I can't justify the added mins in an AQ fight it takes because his attack is so low.
  • RapRap Posts: 2,335 ★★★
    He is a slugger! Like Rhino! I think they are underestimated. I feel like fighting with Groot is as described above, He doesn't do enough damage, he takes forever to charge up to his only good attack, his last one and again things only seem to trigger if you miss a block.
  • Maximus_SpankersonMaximus_Spankerson Posts: 447 ★★
    LC is great -- I have mine ranked and he is a fill in for AW offense and AQ map 6. AW nodes are ridiculous and require perfect play. One combo is death. His signature is perfect for that. He can fully eat an SP3 as well
  • No_More_HeroesNo_More_Heroes Posts: 471 ★★
    I think he would be amazing if he had some offensive buffs added and his indestructible triggered after an sp like unstoppable does but to keep it from being overpowered he can lose indestructible with a good parry.
  • sbb75sbb75 Posts: 208
    I get there are some pros to all Champs, and people enjoy using them.
    Cage overall is at the bottom if you are comparing him to all Champs.
    In 4* Arena with no win streak, Cage needs 8 to 10 more hits for KO than anyone else on my roster. Then he flexes his muscles?

    Want to know his real ability.
    4* Arena Cage r2 v Cage r3. I lost and out landed around 55 to 10. They still had 75%. I purposely triggered their L3 to end it.
    Special Ability is to trigger suicide 1st fight.
  • AmonthirAmonthir Posts: 721 ★★★
    He is mediocre at best, but has some niche uses such as eating an L3 without a scratch. But lacks oomph to finish fight before next L3, and he is easy to fight against. And he is Science, so on Defense he won't even get his Phys Resist buff in a lot of fights as people bring their BW/Elektra/CB to bear.

    If his sig was on a timer once triggered, or had a % chance to be triggered, he would be better. Then Boost his damage a little, and he would be good. Not amazing, but solid.
  • spumingtonspumington Posts: 350
    I think Luke Cage has his uses, depending on your roster. I've heard people use him for AQ because of his ability to take an l3 and take no damage. I don't personally have a use for him, but I get why other people use him.
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    I think he is so bad that calling him 'garbage' is actually dragging the good name of garbage through the mud and unjustifiably so, I might add. Garbage did nothing to deserve being associated with Luke 'no damage' Cage. Hits as if he had balloons as fists. I wept and almost jumped out the window when I duped him. He stinks. In fact, to quote 'Suits': 'If my **** had an **** of its own, that's what it would smell like.'
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