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Can we add function to turn off certain VFX effects to increase overall peformance of the game?

FantomaxopFantomaxop Posts: 132 ★★
Recently explored 8.4, opened my Titan and got Dust.
Was pretty happy about the pull, until i remembered how laggy her sandstorm was when i faced her in incursions.

Then i tried her against winter soldier and my goodness it was bad.
She is very good attacker, and its a shame that such amazing champion will be disgusting to play for anyone who doesn't have perfect mobile device for increasingly more complex graphics of this game.
If there was option in settings to turn off sand particle effects to gain fps back, i would have instantly turned it on and ranked her up to r2.
Otherwise playing her is like wasting your time and resources, since most of the time you will fail to play her well for reasons outside of lack of game knowledge or skill.
And this is not the first time players face such troubles. Vision Aarkus and his cold aura, Sandman's block VFX, Human Torch and his nova form and many more champions are known to cause frustrations with their laggy visuals that cause inconsistent performance.

At this point, if Kabam does not plan to hold back on evolution of in-game graphics and wants to push quality of their models, cinematics, animations and VFX effects further, we should have option to make things minimalistic for sake of consistency.


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    Vegeta9001Vegeta9001 Posts: 1,547 ★★★★★
    I hate spiderpunks new specials, I'm running the newest iPhone and even that slows now and then when that clown launches a special and starts seizuring out.
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