How are we to play BG against AI that don’t throw specials?

C’mon man this is getting pretty annoying.

Your new AI still don’t throw specials and it’s particularly annoying in BG where time is important and against a defender that has power gain it’s just BS man.

Also stop making nodes and defenders that are immune to damage or effects from champs that you have sold us and we rank up. You create this new shinny thing or make it sound like the champ will be extra useful to my roster then by the time I get it and rank it up to use it you have created a node or defender or boss or all of the above that is immune to damage from all sources and **** like that .. stop making the **** you sell us useless man so what if folks can beat the content in a few revies or less that’s what we invest in the damn champs for. This business model is horrible for the user

C’mon man
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